Top 5 Christmas Anatomy Themed Gifts

Greg A Dunn Fine Art Prints


Greg Dunn earned a PhD in neuroscience in 2011 before becoming a professional artist and devoting his time to painting. The patterns of branching neurons he saw through the microscope reminded him of the aesthetic principles of Asian art.

While much of his work focuses on neurons he also explores other tissue types, such as glia and non-neuronal brain cells. This print focuses on the layered structure of the retina which is designed to both collect light and integrate basic visual information before it is sent to higher order cortical structures for detailed processing.

Retina in Inks Print 16″  X 24″  (40.6cm X 61cm) – $150.00 See it ›


The Sick Rose (or; Disease and the Art of Medical Illustration)


‘A beautifully gruesome and strangely enthralling visual tour through disease in the age before colour photography’

A book of exquisitely detailed medical illustrations from some of the worlds rarest medical books compiled by Richard Barnett and including historic maps, charts, medical instruments and case notes.

ISBN 9780500517345 – £19.95 See it ›


Histology Plates (set of four)


This set comprises of histology plates of the testicle, thyroid, oesophagus and liver. The plates are 21cm in diameter and handmade from bone china.

Set of four – £110.00 See it ›


The Anatomical Venus


Clemente Susini’s wax Anatomical Venus (c.1790) lies in a Venetian glass and rosewood case at La Specola, Florence. She was created as a means to teach human anatomy without the need for dissection. She can be dismembered into dozens of parts until finally revealing a foetus in her womb. Shortly after Susini’s wax Venus was introduced many anatomical Venus’ started appearing throughout Europe.

In this book Joanna Ebenstein explores these female wax models and reveals their evolution from medical teaching aid to fetish figure. Looking at the intersection between life, death, science, religion, body and soul.

ISBN 9780500252185 – £19.95 See it ›


Plush Organs


These plush organs were created by anatomically obsessed illustrator Wendy Bryan Lazar. There are 30 different organs to choose from, I have shown three of my favourites: lungs, uterus and skin plush.

$20.00 each See it ›